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Experts in Finishing and Dispensing Solutions

Large range of pumps & spray guns (Airless, hvlp, Airmix®, automatic and gravity spray guns & spray nozzles). We provide spraying & finishing equipement and powder coating systems.
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- 17 A2 & 34 A2 spray pumps FLOWMAX®, AIRMIX® & AIRLESS
    Spray pumps with a unique design with external valves for an easy maintenance. Flowmax® technology ensures total sealing.
- AVX & ATX automatic AIRMIX® spray guns
    Light AIRMIX® technology - Modular design for High Volume Production
- EOS 10-C18 Airmix® pump + Xcite™ Airmix® Spray Gun Outfits
    The AIRMIX® pump EOS 10-C18 compact design range is the ideal partner of your AIRMIX® Xcite™ spray gun, providing exceptional Performances (quality of finish, high transfer efficiency).
- Manual Spray gun AIRMIX® Xcite™ 120 & 200
    The Xcite™ Manual Spraying gun uses high quality components which ensure a perfect reliability maintaining a high level of performances. The last generation of Airmix® atomization aircap offers unsurpassed finish quality.
- Package EOS 10-C18 + Xcite™ Airmix® 120 bar
- Pneumatic spray pumps EOS 15-C25 & 30-C25 AIRMIX®
    Spray pump EOS range brings together Efficiency, Optimization and Simplicity : True accelerator of performance for your AIRMIX® Xcite™ spraygun.
- THOR extrusion pump & Xcite™ AIRMIX® spray gun package
    For sealant and adhesive
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- Our AIRMIX® spraying solution for 2K component selected by an italian manufacturer of machine tools
    CYCLOMIX™ Micro electronic dosing machine for 1 or 2 component paint have been chosen for its manufacturing units in Italy.


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